Terrarium TV App – Download Latest Version For Android

There is a different joy in watching movies and TV shows at the time you wish and at the place where you feel the most comfortable. Terrarium TV is an android movies app that allows you to watch free movies and TV shows in the best quality possible. Any TV or movie aficionado would love to spend all of his time on this app. Why not? When you have the freedom to choose the place and time all by yourself as to when you wish to watch the match.

Terrarium TV App

There are many apps for the android ecosystem that serve the purpose of watching free movies and TV shows but most of them compromise on quality and the speed of streaming the content. Terrarium TV on the other hand is an app that streams latest movies and TV shows in 1080pi HD quality with much better speed.  


  • Terrarium TV app lets you see high definition movies and TV shows for free, however there are tons of features that the app has to keep you grooved and make you a fan of this app.
  • Variety: 4k movies are the epitome of sharpness but there are very rare apps that stream such movies. The app has around 50 4K movies which stream at the best speed possible. They have stunning visual appeal and a great speed. Apart from 4k content, most of the content on the app is in 1080p or 720p giving you a great experience when watching movies or TV shows.  
  • Unlike Netflix, this app is completely free and even supports Trakt.tv.
  • If you wish to download something from the app then it is even more easy as the app supports real debrid support which allows you to download almost anything that you see on the app.
  • The app supports android TV and TV box which will further help you stream the movies and TV shows on a bigger screen. The support has also been extended for the Amazon fire TV and the fire stick.

Terrarium TV App Downloald

  • Speed is very important when streaming movies or TV shows via an app. Terrarium TV applications uses extremely fast servers which lets you stream Full HD, HD content. They have very fast and reliable servers.
  • There is no better joy than watching movies on your phone but even more interesting is to watch them without worrying about the internet. The app allows you to download free movies or TV shows for offline viewing.
  • Worried about subtitles? The app has got you covered. Terrarium TV download supports multiple languages for subtitles.
  • We all see movies that get stuck in our mind as our favorites and when that happens, we wish to see that movie again and again. In that case, the app lets you bookmark that piece of content for future purposes.

If you love a particular genre of movies then the app gives you the freedom to select a genre.

We always wish to see the latest movies and TV show episodes. The app makes sure that you be notified about the latest content so that you don’t miss out on anything.

Download Procedures for various Devices

Terrarium TV for PC is an app which is not present on the google play store as it violates the policy of play store. Since you will be installing the app from unknown resources, always make sure to enable the option of download from untrusted sources as this will ensure any apk to get installed on your phone even if it’s not from the google play store.

Step 1: Go to settings

Step 2: Tap on security

Step 3: See for the option “Download from untrusted sources”

Step 4: Enable it and it will allow you to download apks from outside the play store

Terrarium TV App Download for Android Smartphones

  • Click the link to get the Terrarium TV APK file.
  • Go to the download section
  • Upon clicking on the app, accept the permission and hit install

If you wish to run the app on your desktop then there are two ways.

  • One way is to install an android emulator like andy or bluestacks which will replicate an android device on your desktop post which you have to simply download Terrarium TV app on the emulator and you can begin searching for the your movies or a TV show.
  • Second way is to use a chrome extension called arc welder that emulates the android ecosystem on your PC. Here is a video that shall help you with the installation of the extension and how to start using it.


The latest version of Terrarium TV is 1.8.0. With every new version the app, the developers keep adding new features to make the app as enriching as possible. As per the latest features added to the app, here are some of the features

  • Added a built-in video player (ExoPlayer): Previously one had to use or choose a video player from the apps that you already had on your phone. With this latest feature, now you can directly play the videos by the built-in video player.  
  • Added a button to switch video player on menu: Just in case you wish to play the video in some other video player then you are free to do so. The app likes to give its users freedom.
  • Alluc now requires an API key to work (you can add one in Settings)
  • Added TV shows provider : DiziKing is now one of the provider of TV shows which mean more enriched content. The app is always making for more and more content from as many sources as possible.
  • Added movies provider : ImDark & PFTV have become one of the latest partner in getting movies on board to the Terrarium TV app.  
  • Added URLs resolver : Vidoza
  • Fixed existing TV shows providers
  • Fixed existing movies providers
  • Disabled Vumoo provider temporarily
  • Fixed new episodes checker
  • Fixed bugs and crashes: one of the important thing to do when an app has so much content is to keep brushing it and fine tune it to give users a butter smooth experience and so the app does exactly that.
  • Improved performance
  • Reduced ads: we all absolutely hate ads but that’s one of the ways how the app can be made available to the users for free. With the latest version the app will have reduced ads while giving top priority to the user experience.  
  • Updated translations
  • No Sound issue fixed: The earlier version of Terrarium TV had the problem of some videos not able to play any sound, with the latest version, it is fixed and you will not find any video that has any sound issue.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Question)

Q.1) Is Terrarium TV available for iOS devices?

A.1) As of now, the app is not available for any of the iOS devices.

Q.2) Is watching videos on Terrarium TV illegal?

A.2) People who use torrents for downloading movies or hosting torrent links become part of the whole crime. But Terrarium TV is a streaming platform so No, you are not doing anything illegal. But you shouldn’t share or upload the videos you get from Terrarium elsewhere. Check the answers here for more information.

Q.3) Why subtitles are not syncing with videos?

A.3) If you are going to use MX player to play your video then you shall get an option called Syncing the subtitle, it will ensure that you start seeing the subtitles. Whenever you select a video, the video plays through a server so the best the app can do is to tell you that from where you should select your subtitles. It is recommended to try different subtitles before you enjoy the whole video.

Q.4) Why can’t I see file size for some links?

A.4) There are two options in the app which if enabled will not show you the file size of some links. One is called “resolve all links immediately” or “Filter out dead links”

Q.5)What permission does the Terrarium TV ask for?

A.5)The app asks for 3 permission requests nothing of which can harm your personal information. Those are

  • Storage
  • Location (optional)
  • Contact (optional)

Location is taken so the app can show ads based on where you live. Contact is taken so that the app has your email ID to verify that you are a premium user who has some sort of identity.

Q.6) My downloads are not working?   

A.6) It is always wise to have an ADM or a download manager that helps you know about your downloads. In this app, you can clearly see if a download has successfully completed or the download is pending or got interrupted. You should ideally create a folder called ADM such that everything can be seen from a single portal.

Q.7) What is the verify link which appears briefly at the bottom when I am looking for sources?

A.7) Certain sources wish to check the authenticity of the user due to which they ask the user to verify the captcha. It is done to check the user for real. You can ignore them if you want else you can turn off the setting while downloading Terrarium TV app.

Q.8) Does Terrarium TV have live TV?

A.8) No, the TTV app doesn’t yet have live TV. If it does, you will get to know about it everywhere. Keep an eye here or bookmark us!

Q.9) What else can we customize?

A.9) Apart from changing the language of subtitles, you can now also change the subtitle font size and even the color of the font can be changed.

Q.10) What if the update fails?

A.10) Just in case the update fails then you need to backup all the important stuff and then uninstall the older version. Post that, simply head to the official site of Terrarium TV movies app and download the latest version. In case you have lost all your previous settings or favorites then go to settings and restore them back.